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Day 1 - #75 Hard - Win the war with yourself!

So today I decided to start #75 Hard. I learnt about this from Andy Frisella on his MFCEO podcast episode titled - A 75-Day Tactical Guide to Winning the War With Yourself, with Andy Frisella - MFCEO290.

I've been concerned about starting #75 Hard for some time as I fear I will fail. I know myself and know that I am that guy that is slack, doesn't always follow through on my plans or goals and am notoriously undisciplined.

My internal dialogue is telling me things like,

"Why start because you wont finish it!"

"You have kids, you will have an ice cream with them at some point"

"What about pizza night or when somone buys you a nice chunky beef pie? It would not be polite to refuse, right?"

"What about some beers or a glass of wine with your wife on a Friday evening?"

All of these phrases and more have been rattling through the 6 inches between my ears for the last couple of months. Preventing me from getting started and just having a good ol' crack at it! Another thing concerning me is my ability to over complicate nutrition and exercise routines. To the point I end up hating what I am doing or get too bored. I've learnt already about this that I don't have to stress about the diet. It's a no frills approach, super bloody simple! More on this to follow.

The #75 Hard principles are simple just check the below picture out!

The Program Rules:

  • Strict Diet – No cheat meals! No alcohol!

  • 2 X 45mins workouts per d and one of them needs to be outside.

  • Drink 4 litres of water per day – Nothing but clear, plain water counts or tea. Don't consume liquid calories!

  • Read 10 pages per day – The book should be some form of growth mindset material or a non-fiction book of some kind. Think business, entrepreneurship, self-help etc.

  • Take a progress photo every day – the by-product of mental discipline is physical transformation also. Pretty simple hey?

And the main rule is if you fail, which most do, you must start over at Day one! Even if you are at day 74...start over at day one!!!

I will update you guys regularly and over the next week and a bit I will dive into what the diet is and what the exercises have been.

Let me tell you that on paper this all seems easy, but at the end of Day one, as I write this outside my house at 2139hrs, I am a tad bit nervous of the days to come. Bonus is that my wife, Alison, has joined the party and will be doing this with me. This accountability is what love is all about! I am ready to make a massive change in my life and this is what will help me get there! Join us on the #75 Hard challenge! Send me an email and let me know if you're keen and we can keep each other accountable!

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