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The Australian Dads Networks’ vision is to provide Dads of Australia with a platform to connect with other dads and discuss all things that are relevant and required to be the best Dad, man and husband they can be.

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Join over 2400 Dads from across the country in this thriving DADS ONLY community.


We Have the Power to Impact The Future,
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The Australian Dads Network has created a place for Dads to connect with other like minded Dads. Be it on a personal or a business level, we can ensure the support is honest and without judgement. The resourcefulness of the Men in our community is next to none. Something truly unique.

Connecting with awesome like-minded men can be difficult. Especially if you’re living regionally, work a FIFO gig, moving frequently or just don’t have a group of mates you can really talk with. The Australian Dads Networks vision is to provide dads of Australia with a platform to connect with other dads and discuss all things that are relevant and required to be the best dad, man and husband they can be.   With honesty and no judgement we can ask questions and get answers that will assist us in improving daily – in all areas of our lives.   We have provided a space for men to discuss the hard-hitting and confronting topics that arise in our lives, topics that you have not or may not want to discuss with the current friend and family circle.  So if you’re a Dad, Dad to be, I encourage you to click the link to request access to the DADS ONLY Facebook group now.

Once you’re in, you will be surrounded by like-minded, inspiring and top mates from around the country to give you a helping hand and a good laugh too. You can get involved and share your wins and struggles, meet up locally for a coffee, beer or camping trip. You will have access to the best support and resources available for Dads in the country, which will give you the power to be the best Dad EVER!

For everyone else (Don’t worry we got you sorted also), we know how important it is for the friends and families to be aware of some of the shit Dads go through. And we know that you like to see all of the awesome and fun stuff Dads get up to. Do I need to mention the art of the Dad joke as well?

So for everyone that wants to support Dads across Australia and abroad be their best selves for their community, please like our Facebook page by clicking the link below and then hitting the LIKE button.

If you would like to be a partner for this Network and contribute to the future of this thriving community and resource for Dads, then please email



We exist only by the strength of camaraderie and mateship. With mates by our side we are stronger. The network we have enables us to reach out and lean in when we are struggling. 

ADN Member

I started today feeling so low, and like I was hopeless to some degree. You guys really opened up my eyes and my mind to what it feels like to have some support. 

ADN Member